Increase the Lifespan of a Washing Machine with WashBall


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Homescale protect obviously protects your home from the build up of limescale, but what else can you do to help? That’s where our WashBall comes in. It’s a completely easy way of maintaining a healthy washing machine and water system. 

How does it work? 

The WashBall doesn’t change the composition of the water you’re using, but it modifies it so the detergent dissolves much better. This results in it removing dirt and odours in a much more efficient manner. It contains similar technology to the Homescale Protect and includes an electrode system of conductive materials and together form a galvanic system that removes the hardness of the water. Therefore, the structure of the minerals changes due to the washing process, leaving clothes cleaner and softer. The modified water causes the calcium not to settle and stick to the machine, but go away with the water in a different, non-harmful form. It’s completely maintenance free and creates its own system resulting in longevity. If you live in a hard water area, then WashBall can help increase the life expectancy of your new washing machine and save on longer-term appliance repair every couple of years. Nobody likes to pay to replace an old washing machine with a new washer. So, by using a device such as WashBall, it can help increase the average lifespan of your current machine and put off that large expense until later.


The WashBall is resistant to impact and abrasion, meaning it won’t wear down or be ruined on high spin cycles. The shape of the ball is designed to roll and catch as much water as possible. It is also made of a special plastic to ensure that it is very gentle on laundry and the machine, so it won’t affect any materials you put in with it. Another great feature is that the service life is a maximum of 10,000 cycles, which is years and years of use. As mentioned previously it is completely maintenance free and importantly, it is completely environment safe and actually contributes to environmental protection.

How to use the WashBall

It could not be simpler to get all the benefits of the WashBall, just pop it in with your laundry – that’s it! It can be used with any washing machine, (top loaders and front-loading machines) with any time of wash, wash cycle colours and temperatures. It also requires you to use 1/3 less laundry detergent than you would normally use and negates the need to use fabric softener. It doesn’t only save you money in maintaining your appliances and water system, but it also allows you to invest less in detergent. Remarkably, the WashBall can also be used in other appliances. It can be put in your dishwasher where it will protect it from limescale, corrosion and stains on your dishes. It can also be put in your toilet cistern, where it does a similar job, preventing limescale build up on any of the parts or the pan.

Why should I buy the WashBall?

The benefits to using the WashBall are very important. Not only does it protect your washing and systems from hard water, but it also is completely environmentally friendly. It increases your detergent performance, resulting in less use and saving you money. It also allows the detergent to work at an optimised level, leaving you with cleaner and softer clothes. It can remove pet hair and other impurities from your laundry and creates super soft laundry, with no need to use fabric softeners and can massively improve the life cycle of your washing machine.

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