Protect your home from
hard water.

HomeScale Protect effectively prevents corrosion and limescale creation in your water system. Experience the benefits today.

Save Energy

Save Energy

HomeScale Protect allows appliances to work more efficiently and makes them last longer, saving you energy and money.

Prevent Limescale

Prevent Limescale

Prevent the creation of limescale and subsequent corrosion and damage to the system in your home.

No Tools

Maintenance Free

Once the HomeScale Protect is installed, there is no regular maintenance required.

25 Year Warranty

You'll get a 25 year warranty included with each HomeScale Protect. The HomeScale Protect Industry comes with a 5 year warranty.

Find out more about hard water

Hard water can seriously affect the longevity of your appliances and cause break downs and inefficiencies.

HomeScale Protect

Protect your water system from limescale and corrosion.

HomeScale Protect


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Why protect against hard water?

An estimated 60% of the U.K. has hard water, so why do we need to be protected against it?

Longer Lasting Appliances

Long term, hard water can damage your appliances. Limescale builds up and corrodes the equiptment within the machine, resulting in breakdowns.

Save Energy

Appliances don’t have to work so hard when they’re using softer water, saving you energy.

Save Money

If there is less limescale build-up, our appliances could be working at full capacity. Therefore our energy bills should decrease.

Softer Clothes

Although tiny fragments, hard water can build up in clothes when they’re washed. Less limescale build-up results in softer clothes, simple!

Healthier Hair

Hard water has a high mineral content which, eventually will result in the blockage of moisture into your hair leaving it dry and brittle.

Healthier Skin

The minerals within hardwater, prevent soap from working properly with the water. This can result in dry and red skin.